The Safe Web

No more cookies, cache files, history pages, auto completes or any other privacy intrusive actions in your browser.


Stop Viruses

Remote OS is fully isolated from your local machine. Got hit by some adware ? Just clear Remote OS and start over.

Zero Cookies

No more tracking cookies on your machine. Completely clear whole browsing session whenever you want.

Total Privacy

Just close the Remote OS tab and your browser window is hidden. No more history log or auto completes that violate your privacy.

How it works

Show step by step how to get started.

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At the beginning you have to signup. It will take just a minute, you can use your Google or Facebook account as well to login.

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Pay for a Chrome Instance

You can choose between one hour, 24 hour or monthly subscriptions. For one hour or 24 hour instances you can extend them if needed.

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Launch Chrome

The new tab will open up with a full featured Chrome inside of it. You will have a Chrome inside a tab of your browser. If you accidentally close a tab, just launch our Chrome again and everything will be as you left it. Our Chrome runs 100% on a remote server with no access to your data.

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Finished ?

Once you are done, you can either let the Chrome expire or force it to wipe itself out with the button in the control panel. Once it happens - everything will be erased, not a single trace of your browsing session will survive.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Same as VPN, much more secure.


Chrome is destroyed after one hour

  • Extreme privacy
  • Don't worry about hiding anymore
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Have work to do ? Chrome will clean itself at the end of 24 hours

  • Keep Chrome active for a day
  • Share with others (one user at a time)
  • Extend it if there is a need
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Long Term

Want to keep some Chrome active for a long term ? Monthly plan is the best option

  • Keep same session for any time
  • Always have option to wipe out and start with a clean slate
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Ready to have full privacy ?

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